Our Menus

Food is a big part of what we do – it’s where we started and where we’ll always be.

Classics and twists abound on the menu, bashed up with hints of far-flung places and the taste of Empire. From field to farm, hedgerow to forest, the sound of the sea and the thrill of the hunt, food is our passion. Our wonderful kitchen team is highly skilled
at we like to call ‘British Colonial’ style food.

They move with the seasons and the Specials on the menu speak of a passion for freshness and invention. Embrace your rampant carnivore or channel your inner veggie – we bring both to the table. We are firm believers in using local produce wherever possible, ethically sourced, always fresh and handled with care. Food with a smile on its face!

We take care of the food miles, while you take care of the taste. Our beautifully fresh fish is delivered daily, direct from Cornwall.
We bake quite a bit of bread ourselves, but award-winnng Bread Factory in Hendon fill in the gaps.

Our kitchen delivers the kind of tucker you’d wish your mother had made. Old English faves rescued from their graves and brought to life with a twist or two. ‘Modern’, ‘Contemporary’, ‘Eclectic’ … these are just terms. What our pubs bring to the table is fabulous food, constructed with care and packed with flavour.

Our Sundays are proper. Lashings of gravy and Yorkshire puddings that are bottomless!

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